The Straight Line is a sales technique that Jordan Belfort created on Wall St and implemented in his business to build one of the fastest growing brokerage firms in Wall St history.

In essence, it is a structured set of guidelines on how to navigate a sales conversation. It’s elegant and simple, but best of all it de-mystifies selling by teaching a syntax of what’s required and when, in order to close the sale.

Simply, the Straight Line involves creating absolute certainty in a prospect’s mind about three key things: the product, the salesperson, and the company. Certainty must be created on both a logical and emotional level – at the same time. It provides guidelines and checkpoints so salespeople can, in the moment of a live sale, analyse the situation – evaluate their progress and implement a range of pre-prepared tactics and very well developed language patterns. This is a sophisticated, yet simple and elegant process which will move a prospect ‘down the straight line’ from the ‘open to the close’.

The technique can be adapted and applied to all types of sales; from consulting and services to pure product sales. It equally applies to sales with long and short sales cycles. Best of all, the Straight Line is very trainable and easily scalable, providing Sales Directors enormous leverage.

The Straight Line is made up of two dimensions or worlds:

Inner World
Your Inner World is built on your Vision, Beliefs and Standards and how you manage your emotions and State.

Outer World
The Outer World defines the Straight Line techniques you will learn to maximise your potential and your chance of success.

Traditional training methods and dated sales techniques are not delivering improved sales performance – this will change people’s lives!

The Straight Line